Exclusive interview with Founder of Rebello Decor Maria Thygesen

I am delighted to present an exclusive interview with Founder of Rebello Decor Maria Thygesen, also known from danish TV show „Løvens Hule“, Season 9. Maria has had an incredible journey, starting from her hometown of Kolding, through a long career in marketing and communications, and ultimately finding her true passion in design. In this interview, she shares her initial inspirations, her love for Art Deco and Nordic Design, and the challenges and joys that have accompanied her along the way.

Discover how Maria found the courage to change her career path, the design principles that guide her work, and how she transforms her creative ideas into beautiful and sustainable products. Learn about her pride in creating the Chandelier Circle of Life, how she integrates current trends like ESG into her work, and what this year’s 3daysofdesign theme, „Dare to dream,“ means to her.

Dive into the world of Rebello Decor and be inspired by Maria’s insightful answers and her passion for design.

Could you tell us about your professional journey as a designer and how you arrived at your current position?

I grew up in a small town in Jutland called Kolding. The city is known for large pizza slices and, not least, Kolding Design School. I lived in a shared apartment with a friend called Johnny, who was a student at Kolding Design School. I was so impressed by his design portfolio, the creative process, and his true passion for design. I really wanted to apply, but my parents thought it was a bad idea. They told me I would educate myself to become unemployed!

I moved to Copenhagen and had a professional career in marketing and communications for 17 years, but I continued to make sketches of various designs in my spare time.

What inspired you to become a designer, and what aspects of your profession do you find most captivating?

I came to a point in life where I wanted to follow my true passion, which is design. I found the courage to let go of all expectations and, at least, the fear of how to manage financially. I honestly had a statement in my mind: Never a day at work—I want my work to be a hobby and not feel like work—and that is what Rebello Decor feels like to me.

What design philosophies or principles guide your work, and how do you implement them in practice?

I think the organic shapes of the first collection called Celebration reveal my great affection towards Art Deco. Since I grew up and live in Denmark, I am also very inspired by Nordic Design. I guess you can call my design philosophy Nordic Art Deco.

I truly believe that all designers and design brands have a great responsibility to make products of high quality so they can be passed on to the next generations. This means I only work with genuine brass and mouth-blown opal glass because I want my designs to be sustainable in both expression and quality.

Could you provide insights into your creative process, from ideation to the final implementation of your designs?

I often visit our summer house in Vejby Strand. The area is amazing in terms of nature, and it is so peaceful. I go there without my husband and kids and just walk for hours and hours. After I come back to the house, I always find that my creativity is recharged.

Then I make sketches and discuss them with my new partner, whose name will be revealed during 3 Days of Design.

(c) Rebello Decor

Can you share with us a project that you are particularly proud of or one that has challenged you, and explain why it holds significance for you?

I am very proud of the Chandelier Circle of Life because the construction of the design is very complicated even though it looks simple.

The core message of the design is that life goes up and down, and it is natural. I think we have a tendency, due to social media, to think everyone else lives a happy life 24-7 and is very successful, which can create pressure, especially for younger people. So I hope the design can be a dialogue starter about the harder things in life, which we also have to face. I have also been very open about my son’s infantile autism diagnosis since I really want to emphasize that it is okay to talk about more vulnerable topics.

I think that ESG is here to stay, and that influences my vision a lot. My new partner is a specialist within ESG, so that will have a huge impact on how Rebello Decor will develop in the future.

For example, we will have our own production and warehouse facility on Funen from July 1st, 2024, since we want to be able to make repairs in Denmark and help other entrepreneurs with the sourcing of lighting.

How do you personally interpret this year’s theme of 3daysofdesign, „Dare to dream“? What does it mean to you?

(c) Rebello Decor

I honestly love that theme since I am an entrepreneur, and I am bootstrapping. So I had to sell my house to raise capital and start Rebello Decor. I really had to find my inner rebel—that is also the word Rebello Decor is inspired by—and I dared to dream.

Can design lovers experience you or your products at 3daysofdesign?

Yes, I will be at DDCated Design Hub all 3 days, and my new partner will be there Thursday, June 13.

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